Who Our Team Serves

Our team is small and fairly specialized. While we will initially meet with anyone to discuss their financial situation, we will only engage a client if we think that we can help them and bring value to the relationship. In a broad sense, we manage investments and provide financial plans to open-minded, conscientious people who are seeking advice from a professional. However, here are a few categories of clients and what we typically do for them.

Young Professionals and Business Owners

Being one myself (at least I am today), I can relate to the needs of this segment. They may have children, so college funding is covered. They may have aging parents and we cover that as well. But in large part, this segment’s needs vary by age and financial situation. Therefore, we take a comprehensive approach to the financial plan, uncovering every stone for the client. The first step to working with this segment is a completed cash flow and net worth statement.


The typical client in this segment is age 55. They’ve put their kids through school and bought all of the big ticket items that they are going to. They generally have their eye set on that magical number … 65. They seek to sock as much money as they can into a retirement account or taxable account in order to have enough to retire comfortably. But how much is enough?  We provide that analysis, along with recommendations on tax efficiency and investment selection. We also stress test the plan using Monte Carlo Simulation software.


This is by far the largest segment of our client base. Retirees face the fear of running out of money. We, in turn, provide a cash flow analysis that is based in today’s dollars as well as our forecasts for inflation. We then make suggestions based on their assets’ efficiency toward the goals that we have set. This type of plan requires constant monitoring for deficiencies as well as potential opportunities. Other topics that we cover with the typical retiree are estate planning, potential healthcare liabilities, document storage and paying bills.

High Net Worth Families

High-net-worth clients have very specific needs that are different than most. They are generally not worried about retirement, spending habits, etc., because they don’t have to. However, they are very interested in liability strategies, alternative investment strategies and taxes. Through our broker/dealer, Raymond James Financial Services, Inc, we have specialists we can rely on to provide the information needed to create a plan that exceeds the client’s needs. That’s not enough?  It is not uncommon for us to fly down to Raymond James headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, to meet the specialists and get recommendations face to face. No financial need can be too complicated for us to tackle.


This segment of clients has specialized needs. They are going through or have gone through one of the more traumatic events of their lives. With all of that emotion in their life, it is easy to make bad decisions. We serve as that rock that they can lean on and bounce financial decisions off of. They don’t always like our answers, but know in the end that we are trying to keep them from making a mistake. Budgeting is a huge need for this segment as they may go from a situation where they didn’t have a checkbook to now paying all of the bills. We also get involved in the divorce proceeding itself. We commonly work with attorneys and CPAs to research assets and form strategy in the divorce or settlement.  


Our initial consultation is free.  We charge our normal hourly consultation fees thereafter should we engage.
This is a more comprehensive piece concerning divorce in the state of Tennessee.  Please know that Chad Davis and Miles Mason are not affiliated parties.

Please know that the information provided is not to be substituted for professional legal advice from an attorney at law.  It is highly recommended you consult with an attorney before filing for divorce.

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