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Equity Strategy

If you are investing in equities, you know that there is one thing that you need to make a good decision: timely information.  At Davis Wealth Services, we use six different sources for equity research, but we rely on one more than our own Broker-Dealer, Raymond James.  Raymond James consistently earns accolades in research and stock picking.  You can learn more about their accolades here.  Learn more about Raymond James Equity Research Capabilities, or give us a call to discuss specific research of companies or industries.


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Investment Strategy Quarterly

Click here to see Raymond James' equity brochure.

Equity Research Overview

Recomended Lists (for current clients only)

Commentary from Raymond James Chief Investment Stratagist, Jeff Saut

Featured Research Center (for current clients only)

Analysts Search (for current clients only)

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Stock Ratings and Suitability Explained

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Fixed Income Strategy

Investing in fixed income securities with us...

Many conservative investors seek the safety and security of fixed income investments.  However, there are several risks associated with fixed income investments that must be taken into consideration.  Liquidity risk, credit risk, concentration risk and a major risk for low interest rate markets like we are experiencing today (12/15/13), interest rate risk need to be fully analyzed when making decisions concerning your fixed income investments.  "What about bonds vs. bond mutual funds?" " How does inflation fit into the equation? How much will it cost me to withdraw my money early from my brokered CD?"  These are all questions that we hear regularly.  Hopefully we have provided you with a good base of information to help you make an informed decision.  However, We encourage you to give us a call should you wish to analyze a current fixed income portfolio or build a new one.

Fixed Income Overview

This site provides basic knowledge on fixed income investing.


Bond Basics

This site provides basic information for investing in bonds.

Municipal Bonds

Taxable Bonds


Fixed Income Strategies

This site provides basic knowledge on various fixed income strategies. Once you have read the basic strategies report, you may want to research in more detail some of the strategies below.

"Rolling Down The Curve"

"Estate Planning With Bonds"

"Laddering Maturities"

"Buying Premium Bonds"

"Bond Swaps"

"Should I buy a bond or bond fund?"

"Understanding Floating Rate Securities"


Fixed Income Advantage

A basic guide to our capabilities using Raymond James experience and expertise in fixed income investing  The link below provides sample reports available to our clients and prospective clients when evaluating a current or proposed fixed income portfolio.

Bond Portfolio Evaluation and Reporting


Fixed Income Weekly Primer

A forward looking report of news and data to be released in the fixed income markets for the current week.


Weekly Interest Rate Monitor

A weekly update of moves from the previous week in the Treasury, MBS, CD and Agency Markets


Current Certificate Of Deposit Rates from Raymond James

"Investing In Brokered CDs"

We encourage you to read this page in its entirity before investing in brokered CDs with Raymond James or any other firm.  "Brokered CD's" offer different liquidity and penalties for early withdrawal.  Know what you are buying before investing!

CD Disclosure Document

Fixed Income Offering Disclosure Document







Alternative Investments

We believe in the appropriate use of alternative investments as a source of reduced portfolio correlations, especially in times of market instability. Depending on the circumstances, our portfolio may include allocations to long-short equity funds, event-driven funds, distressed debt investments, managed futures and private equity. 

Alternative investments involve specific risks that may be greater than those associated with traditional investments and may be offered only to clients who meet specific suitability requirements, including minimum net worth tests. You should consider the special risks with alternative investments including limited liquidity, tax considerations, incentive fee structures, potentially speculative investment strategies, and different regulatory and reporting requirements. You should only invest in alternative investments if you do not require a liquid investment and can bear the risk of substantial losses.