Borrow Smart!

Whether it is buying a house, funding a college education or expanding your business, it is important to have access to capital in the most efficient manner as possible.  When that time comes, we can help.  Whether it is a margin loan, home loan or securities based lending, give us a call to discuss your goals and our solutions.


Raymond James Bank

Residential Mortgages

This site provides a quote calculator as well as current rates offered through Raymond James Bank.

Physicians Mortgage Program

A new program that helps doctors and dentists to qualify and purchase more home.

Securities Based Lending

You have been to your local bank to borrow money against your securities account.  We can do the same thing.  I encourage you to compare our process, fees and simplicity with anyone out there.  Please call for a complimentary consulation including fee schedule.

Home Equity Lending

Corporate and Real Estate Lending