Cash Management


Cash Management simply put is “Movement of funds from one account to the another to fund or purchase a good or service.”  It involves how we move funds, how you make purchases and how hard your money works for you while sitting in cash.

Money Movement:   At Davis Wealth Services, we make accessing and transferring funds easy.  Whether through ACH electronic transfer, our bill pay service, our rewards rich debit and credit cards; we make access to your funds a snap. 

Debit and Credit Cards:  Through Raymond James, you have the ability to attach a physical checkbook to your account.  However, should you use the debit and/or credit cards available through Capital Access, you can earn rewards to go towards travel, gifts and even cash back.

Earning cash on your cash:  With our accounts, even if your funds are in “cash,” they are earning interest.  Unlike “Free checking” accounts at many banks.  Our accounts sweep cash to money market on a daily basis.  This makes your cash work harder for you.

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