Description of Services


A complete range of services to address all of life’s priorities

Your financial needs change over time, from accumulating wealth to planning for retirement to making your money last as long as possible through retirement.

One constant, however, is our ability to help you pursue your goals throughout your whole life.

Through the full spectrum of financial services our professionals offer, we can help you plan not only for a wide range of needs, but for the long succession of significant events that span your lifetime.

IRA Rollover

Whether you are changing jobs, have changed jobs or retiring, whether or not you use an IRA rollover is a choice you will need to research and make.  Making the wrong decision can cost you in unnecessary taxes.  At Davis Wealth Services, one of our specialties is IRA Rollovers and working with pre and post retirees to create and implement an IRA Rollover strategy tailored to meet their needs in the most efficient and cost prohibative manner possible.  All IRA Rollovers are not the same.  Your age, financial condition and liquidity needs are all carefully considered when choosing what is in your best interest.  If you have an old retirement plan at a former employer, considering retirement or changing jobs, give us a call for a complimentary review of your options.


For more information on IRA Rollovers, click here.

Goal Planning and Monitoring

Analysts' Best Picks Performance

Once a year top analysts at Raymond James create a list of companies they believe will yield some of the best returns for the year. Click here to see the performance of this list from past years.

Wealth Management

Our team is here to help you manage the complexities that wealth can often bring. Our wealth management services include wealth preservation and transfer strategies, risk management, liquidity management, charitable giving and management of concentrated asset positions. Click here to view our wealth management microsite.

Cash Management


Cash Management simply put is “Movement of funds from one account to the another to fund or purchase a good or service.”  It involves how we move funds, how you make purchases and how hard your money works for you while sitting in cash.

Money Movement:   At Davis Wealth Services, we make accessing and transferring funds easy.  Whether through ACH electronic transfer, our bill pay service, our rewards rich debit and credit cards; we make access to your funds a snap. 

Debit and Credit Cards:  Through Raymond James, you have the ability to attach a physical checkbook to your account.  However, should you use the debit and/or credit cards available through Capital Access, you can earn rewards to go towards travel, gifts and even cash back.

Earning cash on your cash:  With our accounts, even if your funds are in “cash,” they are earning interest.  Unlike “Free checking” accounts at many banks.  Our accounts sweep cash to money market on a daily basis.  This makes your cash work harder for you.

To check our current rates, please click here.

Trust Services

Through Raymond James Trust, N.A. we offer a full array of trust structures, including charitable-giving tools that may also feature tax advantages. Whether your goal is to minimize estate taxes, help ensure you have the funds you need down the road, provide for a loved one or spell out exactly how you want your wishes to be carried out, we can help.


In financial planning, many times it’s not what you earn but what you keep that counts.  Many times we recommend insurance to minimize risk.  Whether its disability, life, health, long-term care or Medicare Supplement, we can help.  We do not require our clients to purchase insurance from us should we recommend it in a financial plan.  However, a good source to provide virtually any kind of insurance available from 100’s of companies:  Raymond James Insurance Group.

Investment Banking

Whether you are seeking to take your company public, raise funds through venture capital or looking to raise funds for a municipality, The professionals of Raymond James Capital Markets are here to meet your needs.  Raymond James Capital Markets is here to serve institutional investors, growing companies both public and private, and the employees and management teams of these companies. We provide the full spectrum of capital markets services, using an industry-focused, knowledge-driven approach.


Raymond James is a full-service investment bank with national and international capabilities. Comprised of more than 500 capital markets professionals, Raymond James is one of the most highly regarded middle-market equity offering and advisory practices in investment banking today.

Capital Markets Overview

For inquiries into our services including a conference call with a specialist from our capital markets team, please call our office for an appointment.

Selling Your Company


Selling a company can be a difficult task.  There are many steps to getting the most for your business.  You must assemble your team, prepare, market, conduct due dilagence and finally close.  Through Raymond James Middle Market Advisory Service, we can do that for your and more.  With over 130 M&A sell side or buy side assignements with aggregate transaction values totaling  over $20 billion over the last five year, we combine the extensive resources and strength of Raymond James Financial (RJF), with highly persoalized service, giving you direct access to the most senior, experience team member.

Selling Your Company Brochure

For inquiries, please contact our office for a complimentary consulation including a conference call with our middle market specialists.


Borrow Smart!

Whether it is buying a house, funding a college education or expanding your business, it is important to have access to capital in the most efficient manner as possible.  When that time comes, we can help.  Whether it is a margin loan, home loan or securities based lending, give us a call to discuss your goals and our solutions.


Raymond James Bank

Residential Mortgages

This site provides a quote calculator as well as current rates offered through Raymond James Bank.

Physicians Mortgage Program

A new program that helps doctors and dentists to qualify and purchase more home.

Securities Based Lending

You have been to your local bank to borrow money against your securities account.  We can do the same thing.  I encourage you to compare our process, fees and simplicity with anyone out there.  Please call for a complimentary consulation including fee schedule.

Home Equity Lending

Corporate and Real Estate Lending