Our First Meeting

Our first meeting is always complimentary. We use this time to assess your situation and learn more about you. We go over our process, our fees and how to proceed, should you engage us. In some cases, if we feel that we cannot bring value to the table, we will refer you to another financial advisor or planner who we think would better serve your needs.

What to bring

At the first meeting, we will not spend a great amount of time making recommendations. However, we will spend time learning about your situation, goals and needs. It is very important that you bring any documents that you think may help us. These documents may include:


-A completed net worth and/or cash flow statement

-Declaration pages from insurance policies (health, life, disability, property, etc.)

-Tax returns (previous year)

-Wills, trust documents, etc.

-Loan terms (maturity, interest rate, etc.)

-Investment, bank account statements, 401(k) statements (you should receive these quarterly at minimum)


Again, it is not a must to bring these documents. However, it may save you time and another appointment by bringing them in on the first meeting. Should we decide to work together, you will have everything there for us to get started on your plan.