"Donor Advised Funds"

Similar to a private foundation, a donor advised fund provides an immediate full tax benefit and lets you donate to your favorite charities, but with less expense and setup.

You may name the account what you wish.  For example, “The Smith Family Fund” or even better, the “The Smith Family University Of Tennessee Football Fund”.  You can make up a name such as “The Teach A Man To Fish Fund”.  You can also put simply in your name but ask Raymond James Trust to send the donation anonymously on your behalf.

I like the donor advised fund for the client looking for a large tax deductible donation without the total loss of their funds.  The DAF gives you the option of investing your funds until you are ready to make the deduction.  I have even witnessed clients that pledged the earning from their account with the remainder passing to a charity at their death.  You can even name a successor administrator to the account allowing the fund to remain in place after your death.

To watch a three minute video about Donor Advised Funds from the president of Raymond James Trust, Mr. Joe Weaver, please click below:


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