How to Refer Us

It is a privilege to be personally recommended by you

Many of our new clients have come from referrals by our current clients or other professional advisors with whom we collaborate. If you wish to refer someone, we thank you and want you to know we will treat your request and the information provided with the urgency and discretion it deserves.

You may be apprehensive to refer someone due to what we may say or how we may approach the referral. We generally handle referrals in one of two ways. We give the referrer our business card and ask them to have the referral call us. This is a very low-key way to refer someone to us and puts you in the driver’s seat.

Another way that we treat referrals is a letter to the referral with the referrer’s name mentioned as the source and reason for the letter. We can provide you with a copy of the letter should you request it.

We never call the referral in either case. We ask them to call us and feel that they will if they truly would like to meet us. However, should you have a different way to handle a referral, we will work with you in a way that satisfies you and is respectful to the referral. Regardless, a referral is the ultimate form of flattery and we greatly appreciate it when our clients become our advocates.


Please click here to submit a referral through our website, or simply This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .